With the aim to improve its visibility, and considering its engagement in the whole chain of added value to work on solutions linked to project and production of light furniture, Panguaneta has confirmed its membership to the German association igeL Leichtbau.

Panguaneta is always active in the research fields and development of lighten products, that are essentials to satisfy the always growing demand of the sector of furniture and automotive. The attendance to next events with Igel will permit to our customers and to our potential ones to deeply know our offer and our continuous developments.

Igel’s aim is that to spread the concept of lighten construction among the public. This aim has to be reached, promoting lighten construction in conceptual terms (theory) and materials for the production of furniture at an industrial and artisan level and for interior design as furniture / buildings and wood constructions.

A cooperation network that involves research academic fields/ teaching and industrial practice/ handmade that involves all the phases of the producing. In this context, the attention is focalised on the transfer of knowing in area of seminary, conferences, and presentation and discussion events, together with workshops, with the specific aim to reach the synergic effects.