During the first part of 2018, Panguaneta began a new phase of investments which will be finished in 2022 with what will become the definitive layout of the main mill.

The first phase of the project involves the purchase of two new veneer peelings commissioned to the Finland producer Raute that will substitute two of three existing ones.

The installations will be positioned in a new area and will permit an additional optimisation of the production, with the aim to reduce the consumption of raw material during the peeling process.

"This project is part of the extended program of investments of Panguaneta", affirms Mauro Azzi, CEO of the company. "The total amount of the investments in the development of our activities has overtaken 20 millions of Euro in the last five years. The introduction of new lines of peelings allows conducting different tasks at the same time: increasing the productive efficacy, optimising the consumption of raw materials, and reducing the quantity of production refuses. The company will continue to invest in buying of new installations and modernising of the already existing ones in the next 5 years. The aims remain the development of the existing production of big size plywood, investments integrated in maintenance and optimisation of general productive processes.
As a whole, Panguaneta foresees to invest 30 million in the period 2018-2022 in the development of its own activities, for a total of 50 million in the last 10 years”

Raute 13

Panguaneta took part at the event Holzland Expo 2018 thanks to its partners Carl Götz and Enno Roggemann.

carl goetzHolzLand-EXPO is a two-year event organised on the area of the circuit of Nürburgring.

The mark HolzLand is synonymous of high quality products of well-known producers, specialist TOP consultation and an excellent price-quality ratio.
Panguaneta is proud of being present in many shops Holzland thanks to the distribution and the capillary service of our partners.

enno roggemannFor more informations:

holz expo7365

28 November - 1 December 2018, Mantua, Italy.
Change the nature of the cities: the role of the urban forestry for a greener, healthier and happier future for everyone.

Panguaneta is proud to present itself to the first Mondial Forum of Urban Forests as a sponsor.
The themes that will be treated during the forum will be linked with them of our company that since always try to sensitive, as the organisation of the forum recalls: “Institutes of research and academy, organisations not governmental, urbanists, urban forests, operators of arboriculture, landscape architectures, designer and professionals of many other sectors meet themselves. They want to exchange experiences and to discuss possible collaborations towards a development of urban forests strategies, identifying “nature based solutions” for a greener, healthier and happier future for everyone”.

World Forum on Urban Forests, Mantova 2018

Exchanges and comparisons about this theme are ongoing at a regional level for several years in Europe and in North America and, more recently it has been started in Pacific Asia and Latin America. The even more growing adhesion to the platform of virtual discussion FAO Trees for the Cities and the increase of forum, groups and blogs based on the theme, suggest in mature times to start a global process. It is finalised to improve communication and networking among professionals, scientists and local administrators that keep busy of the ambient aspects related to urban landscapes and peri-urban.

Among the specific aims of this 1st World Forum on Urban Forests:

  • support the process of realisation of new urban Agenda (started during Habitat III in 2016) and optimise the actions related to the maintenance and reinforce of urban ecosystems and green spaces into cities;
  • create an international meeting on the theme;
  • reinforce the international marketing and create concrete opportunities of meeting, experiences exchange, and development of partnerships on theme of urban forests;
  • launch the Mantua Green Cities Challenge, a program of international identification that celebrates cities that undertake a favourable context at a management of urban forests finalised to optimise benefits of trees in a city to a better quality of urban life in the world.

Aim of this Forum is to highlight positive examples of plan, project and management of urban green bring forward by cities of different cultures, shapes, structures and stories that used urban forests and green infrastructures for economic and environmental benefits. These are supplied in order to reinforce the social cohesion and the public engagement of urban communities in the management of cities.

Comune di Mantova
Polytechnique de Milan

More information on: https://www.wfuf2018.com/it-ww/il-progetto.aspx

With the aim to improve its visibility, and considering its engagement in the whole chain of added value to work on solutions linked to project and production of light furniture, Panguaneta has confirmed its membership to the German association igeL Leichtbau.

Panguaneta is always active in the research fields and development of lighten products, that are essentials to satisfy the always growing demand of the sector of furniture and automotive. The attendance to next events with Igel will permit to our customers and to our potential ones to deeply know our offer and our continuous developments.

Igel’s aim is that to spread the concept of lighten construction among the public. This aim has to be reached, promoting lighten construction in conceptual terms (theory) and materials for the production of furniture at an industrial and artisan level and for interior design as furniture / buildings and wood constructions.

A cooperation network that involves research academic fields/ teaching and industrial practice/ handmade that involves all the phases of the producing. In this context, the attention is focalised on the transfer of knowing in area of seminary, conferences, and presentation and discussion events, together with workshops, with the specific aim to reach the synergic effects.

The group JAF Frischeis was founded in 1948 in Stockerau (Austria) nowadays headquarter; during six decades it has become the main European wholesaler of wood based materials.

FrischeisPushed by coherence, familiarity of the market and the big personal commitment of its founders - Josef and Antonia Frischeis – the group developed itself from a local wood retailer of JAF Group; acknowledge at an international level, that it has been affirmed as a strong partner for the industry of wood manufacturing and in sector of building and retail.

A key factor for the growth of the group has been the experience in the wood sector and a solid market knowledge. Until the end of 90s, the attention was focus on the expansion in Austria. The Group concentrated then on international growth, from Czech Republic and then Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and Romania. During the following phase, the group began its expansion in “young markets” like Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Poland, Russia and Serbia in 2005.

In 2014, the group increased its global activity acquiring the global sales operations of a famous wood supplier DLH in China, South-Est Asiatic and Africa. Today the group works across 53 branches in 16 lands in Europe, Asia and Africa, with 2.250 employee.

Teemu Korhonen, Vice President, JAF Global Sales, declares: "Panguaneta is supplier of the group JAF Frischeis from 35 years, already from 1983. In the last years, the collaboration has become stronger with a result of strong strategic partnership, which permits to both companies to demonstrate a high growth potential for the supply of poplar plywood at a global level.
Founded on elements that go beyond of mere business, this partnership is based on the awareness of act and know how to do responsibly business.
It is not only our product range, that may vary but, depending on the country, we have to consider different prices, custom norms, traditions and markets. Here our Customers take advantages from our ten-year experience in international business and in logistic. Specialists JAF assigned to single country have their individual specialist knowledges and their specific knowledge for the country. Extensive contacts an organisation with global perspectives and our direct access to the respective markets they permit to offer unique skills of supply".

Giorgio Morini, Commercial Director Panguaneta: “Globally, Panguaneta has an image and a reputation clearly associated to the innovation and product quality. This partnership, with one of the more important global players of the sector, renovated in contents, has with it a complete offer of services that helps the group JAF Frischeis to create value thanks to a customer relationship that will improve and reinforce the network of the existing supply. Our aim remains that to support growth and have our partners competitive. The exclusive partnerships developed on the same models in other countries permit us to adapt our offer looking at purchasing habits even more polarized, focalising on premium products, elements of differentiation and not of a direct confront with other competitors, and a moment of collaboration with supplier. The innovation permits us to reply in a better way to the varied requests of the customers and to retain them. That of the process through new technologies modify the interaction and the use of product/service and permit to know the consumer deeply".