Sustainable design is no longer an emerging trend; it is here to stay. Regulatory and legislative development continues to drive green building in Australia and bodies such as the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) and the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council are lobbying for further changes to mandate sustainable building practices.

Growing public and industry concern about the waste and emissions associated with increased construction has put pressure on the construction industry to develop new buildings that implement sustainable design principles and are certified according to local and international green building standards.

Run by the International Living Future Institute, the Living Building Challenge is the world’s most rigorous standard for green buildings. Going a step further than Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, the Living Building Challenge aims for net-zero or net-positive energy, and buildings that are free of toxic chemicals, with an energy footprint multiple times lower than that of a generic commercial structure. Organised into seven performance areas called “Petals”, the Living Building Challenge requires that buildings be regenerative spaces that connect occupants with the environment; are self-sufficient; produce more energy than they use; and are healthy and beautiful.

With sustainability at the forefront of modern building design, designers, architects and specifiers are challenged to reconfigure the ways they create built environments and identify sustainably sourced and manufactured, low impact and non-toxic building materials that meet the lofty goals set by standards such as the Living Building Challenge.

Manufactured by Panguaneta and distributed in Australia by Elton Group, EPly PanguaPureGlue™ is a no added formaldehyde (NAF), architectural grade plywood that utilises a revolutionary non-toxic, soy bonding system. The soy bonding system does away with traditional urea formaldehyde and phenolic glues, both of which can emit harmful volatile organic compounds, and replaces them with soy-based bonding technology. Suitable for wall and ceiling lining, joinery and furniture, PureGlue™ is a safe, healthy building solution for a wide range of projects including hospitals, houses, schools and childcare centres.

Available in small and bigger sizes (from 2440x1220 mm up to 3120x2120 mm) sizes, PureGlue™ is half the weight of standard medium density fibreboard and stable, making it easy to use and install. Ideal for a wide variety of applications, this product is also easily cut and machined allowing it to meet specific project requirements.

Under the materials Petal in the Living Building Challenge standard, materials must be non-toxic and low impact. Manufactured from their own Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified grown timber, this versatile plywood is the result of a “zero miles” supply chain in which the entire cycle, from sowing to industrial processing, occurs within the same geographical area. Each panel is traceable in terms of raw material, physical characteristics and processing. PanguaPureGlue™ is manufactured according to principles of responsible utilisation of resources and production.

Along with FSC certification, PureGlue™ contributes to Green Star points under GBCA’s Green Star rating system and is also:

  • California Air Resources Board (CARB) Phase 2 compliant;
  • Japanese Industry (JIS) F**** compliant;
  • Australian Standard/New Zealand Standard (AS/NZS) E0 compliant;
  • LEED compliant.

CARB Phase 2, JIS F**** and AS/NZS E0 are rating systems or standards pertaining to the emission of formaldehyde in wood products. Independently certified to have formaldehyde emissions below 0.004 ppm (0.04 mg/L), PureGlue™ allows factory workers, builders and end users alike to rest assured they are not inhaling any harmful, toxic fumes.

For over 70 years, Elton Group has been a market leader in the supply of high quality interior architectural products in Australia. All Elton Group products demonstrate a commitment to environmentally sustainable sourcing and manufacturing methods. Made according to Elton Group’s rigorous standards for quality, sustainability and performance, PureGlue™ plywood signals the emergence of the next generation of eco-friendly wood products and applications.

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To learn more about Eply PanguaPureGlue™, visit Elton Group’s website at

A+ certification represents for Panguaneta a further step in the supply of products with low environmental impact, to meet the demand of both private and public sectors.

For several years Panguaneta production has been optimized to minimize the impact on the environment. Anxious to provide its customers with a healthy and harmless product, Panguaneta is committed to a real environmental approach constantly seeking to combine product quality and respect for the environment.

Choosing a product labeled A + leads to improving the indoor air quality of buildings, offices, hotels, schools, public spaces, etc.

The A+ certification is in addition to a whole series of tools, certifications and products that symbolize Panguaneta's commitment to responsible environmental sustainability and certified production.

Panguaneta was indeed the first European company to obtain certifications of indispensable value.

PURE GLUE - NAF (No-Added-Formaldehyde): a plywood without the addition of formaldehyde, thanks to an innovative and non-toxic bonding system. Technology designed to reduce formaldehyde emissions and to help improve indoor air quality in schools, homes, offices, cars, etc.

EPD (Déclaration Environnementale de Produit): a certification that affects the entire life cycle of the product. An important information and communication tool on environmental performance, useful for architects and designers to choose the best products to meet more stringent environmental standards.

Giorgio Morini - Sales and Marketing Director Panguaneta: “The relationship between production and environmental protection requires the undeniable duty of modern companies to anchor their strategies on fundamental principles and tools for environmental protection, as well as favoring sustainable development programs for the rights of future generations. The A + labeling system is a logical and essential prerequisite for better information and education of consumers, guaranteeing the possibility to orient them on the market and the choice of products”.

Dear customers, suppliers, partners from all over the world,
in compliance with the decree of the Italian Government regarding the Covid-19 emergency, issued on March 22, 2020, our company will suspend its activities from March 25 to April 3, 2020.

All orders and deliveries will be rescheduled and we will handle everything with the utmost commitment. The activities of our commercial and finance divisions will continue regularly.

All our employees are enabled to operate in smart-working. Your contacts will be regularly available.
We live in a responsible context, which is facing a difficult situation with a civic sense, but which looks with confidence to the resumption of activities.

At the moment, however, it is a priority to protect the health of our employees and their families.
We will come back stronger than before, with the same passion that distinguishes us.

Best regards
Panguaneta Plywood


The event Nor Shipping 2019 in Oslo, Norway, has been a perfect occasion of meeting and exchange of new ideas and proposals.

The company Fritzoe Engros has introduced the different ranges and the last products of Panguaneta to a dynamic and enthusiast audience. The focus has been the shipbuilding industry, not only intended as production of luxury yachts – one of the target markets of Panguaneta since many years – but also and mainly work ships. These impressive means are projected to face long months of work in the cold northern seas. On the other hand, they are meant to be furnished in a functional, but at the same time careful and top-quality way, in order to make life on board as comfortable as possible.

From this perspective, besides durability and reliability, lightweight and sustainability are considered as key features. These characteristics distinguish the solutions from Panguaneta and make them particularly interesting for the big industries of the marine sector.

The care for the living areas, the functionality, the attention to the quality of life and to the aspects related to the environment and to energy saving which characterize the Northern countries are meeting in Oslo the know-how, the creativity, the ground-breaking courage and the flexibility of use of Made in Italy poplar plywood thanks to the dynamic partnership between Panguaneta and Fritzoe Engros.

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NAFCD + NBMDA 2019 convention is going to take place in November at Hyatt Regency in New Orleans. It won’t be a traditional fair, but the event is specifically focused on building and consolidation of relationships between producers and distributors of building materials, coverings, interior furnishing, so that they can exchange ideas and know how to increase their business and improve their work.

NBMDA is an association representing the distributors of materials for interior design, like wood panels, furnishing accessories, architectures and all the different products related to woodworking (for further information

For Panguaneta this convention represents an important possibility to meet all its American wholesales partners. It is a unique opportunity to exchange views, experience and new ideas.