The typical values of poplar plywood respond to the most diversified industrial and market demands.

Poplar quality

Panguaneta’s plywood highlights the peculiarity of the wood used, that is, lightness, clear tints, high uniformity with almost unperceivable veins, easy processing, gluing and finishing.

Aesthetic uniformity

One of the main technical aspects of Panguaneta poplar is that it can be formulated in ample surface sheets. This allows plywood to be obtained with unique aesthetic features, well above that of many panels achieved with other wood species.

Simple and versatile

Simplicity in overlaying operations and versatile usage are further elements of prestige. Panguaneta plywood is also an ideal support that can host the most varied decorative materials. At the same time it can also be profitably used as a component in manufacturing specific composite panels.

Innovative and natural

Panguaneta is orientated towards the development of natural plywood, low impact products able to combine aesthetics and technical innovations, thus satisfying the growing demand for plywood with elevated performance features (prefinished plywood, with insulating inserts, fireproof … ).

Technical values

The mass volume values, resistance and bending resistance are strictly related to the type of clone used and the composition of the plywood, that is, the thickness of the veneers used in long grain and cross grain veneers.