Skilled processing, from poplar bark stripping to the final plywood.

Raw material

The accurate selection of the raw material, stored in the specific areas in the Sabbioneta factory, is at the base of Panguaneta Brand’s guarantee. Only logs that comply to standards (reduction of rejects, top quality strips) enter the production line.

Tangential cuts

After the bark is stripped off, the poplar log undergoes a peeling process which is the first transformation cycle for plywood. This is done through the tangential cutting of the log which is transformed into a thin, continuous strip of wood cellulose.

Digital control

The precision of the layers is ensured by digitally controlled, cutting-edge production lines that ensure uniformity and quality of the cuts. The layer obtained is then converted into veneers of the desired size before they are dried to achieve an optimal degree of moisture.

Exclusive formula

Through the suitable temperature and compacting pressure values which are an exclusive formula of Panguaneta, the plies arranged at right angles to each other assume a perfectly solid form that ensures ideal mechanical response at every point of the panel.

High class finishing

Panguaneta plywood is subjected to a suitable finishing, with four processing phases: squaring and trimming of the edges; balancing and smoothing to optimise the surfaces, and lastly, testing.