Panguaneta Plywood

Panguaneta plywood is an engineered, natural wood-based panel.

Industrial plywood

Panguaneta plywood belongs to the family of wood-based panels and is industrially engineered to form rectangular sheets (the long side/short side ratio is 1:2).


The characteristic thinness of the plywood varies in relation to the number and type of plies overlaid. We can talk about plywood when the panel is composed of at least three layers of wood plies.

Reference standards

The reference standard for Panguaneta is the UNI EN 636. Plywood is generally classified according to the wood species used to compose the faces of the panel, the surface appearance of these faces, composition (uniform or mixed), and the type and class of the bonding. It is furthermore rated according to the climatic conditions of the place of installation (dry, humid or outdoors), on the basis of resistance to biodegrading agents and the type of usage, whether structural or not.


The set of variables considered determines the performance features of the product and its preferred market destinations. The quality class instead is determined by the visual check of the panel’s surface, in compliance with the UNI EN 635 norms.