Composite veneer panels offer more market opportunities

Wider range of options

Classification of poplar plywood based on the surface types are regulated by standards UNI EN 635-1 and UNI EN 635-2. Its deep knowledge of commodity-related veneers, enables Panguaneta to formulate the most advantageous combinations according to the demands of its customers.

Performance classes

The main categories are E, I, II, III and IV. Each face of the panel is classified on its own. Due to this, various combinations can be achieved (e.g.: I/II, II/III, III/IV).

Class E (formerly Class A of UNI 6471)

Class I (formerly Class AB of UNI 6471)

Class II (formerly class B of UNI 6471)

Class III (formerly class BB of UNI 6471)

Class IV (formerly class C of UNI 6471)