A prestigious essence that unveils excellent features, highlighted by quality transformation processes.

Poplar is beautiful

Poplar plywood is synonymous with environmental protection, intended as improvement of the quality of air and water, increased biodiversity in natural habitats and renewable sources of energy that do alter the climate. The entire poplar supply chain is sustainable also in terms of employment, and creates wealth from the agroforestry system to wood processing.

Really renewable energy

It is especially in the field of selections that Italian research studies have placed at the disposal for industrial usage, the I-214 poplar clone, associated to the numerous technical advantages of being a natural biomass with extraordinary quality yields also for the production of electricity and heat energy.

Decisive returns

Healthy, convenient, smart, ecological, resistant, efficient, easy to process… unlike other woods, poplar is a prime quality, hi-tech material, and can keep abreast with the future.

Uniform resistance

While wood is 25-45 times more resistant longitudinally rather than horizontally, poplar panel instead yields a uniform mechanical response. The crossing of alternate veneers gives the plywood consistent resistance across all directions.

Perfect balance

The balanced construction of the plywood following the direction of the veneers joined at right angles, tends to balance the tension, thus minimising expansions and deformations. The poplar panel does not shrink, swell or get warped.

Structural lightness

On par with resistance, structural works in plywood are lighter than those in massive or laminated wood and thus require the use of less material. Due to the criss-crossed arrangement of sheet grains, plywood may be nailed or screwed at the edges without danger of cracks.

Optimal formats

Characterised by a high resistance to different types of mechanical procedures (traction, compression, cuts), the Panguaneta panel is available in big and optimised formats, up to 3120 x 2120 mm always using whole, high-quality sheets.

No residues

One of the important aspects of plywood production is that it allows for the conservation of the wood, eliminating the sawing residues (saw dust). The small, central part of the trunk that remains after log peeling will also be used industrially, for pallets and packaging.

Immediately visible

The evident beauty, combined with interesting innovations, allows the client to immediately perceive the advantages in using our plywood. Panguaneta plywood has made its name even in sectors that once saw the prevalence of high density woods, offering more than a valid alternative.