Strategic partnerships: the success of the brand Panguaneta.

An important trademark

Panguaneta is today an accredited supplier of leading producers in the automotive and furniture sectors, and is one of the most qualified, organised distribution centres. Panguaneta brand has gained its own prestige thanks to its capacity to develop new business strategies, empowering its focus on the client and assuming a top market position due to the quality policies pursued and the proactive vigour of its own products.

Strategic decision-making

Among the most relevant strategic options are “networking” and “product culture” development with its most qualified business partners. This is Panguaneta’s distinctive mark, as the first company in the sector to develop exclusive partnerships, supporting projects that serve the end customers in a more suitable manner, with the speed and innovativeness that underlies maximisation of performance in terms of efficiency, reliability and productivity.

Excellent partnerships

For Panguaneta, alliance with the important players of the sector is much more than just a mere business opportunity. It implies the sharing of know-how, identification of common goals, acquisition of a business culture and developing projects together. We believe that the future has to be shared in a creative way, without unilateral visions, and a preference for solid and constructive partnerships.

An active and dynamic presence

Its presence in various markets through the distribution network of its partners, also matches with other salient aspects of the Panguaneta culture: more possibilities for cooperation and the correct relationship with local markets, greater perspectives in innovation, and creating competitiveness through a widespread presence in the territory.

Panguaneta vision

Its participation in the promotional choices of its business partners, and presence in their catalogues, issuance of newsletters and sharing of web platforms, meeting clients together … are tangible signs of the Panguaneta partnership, a “distinctive mark” which grows year by year to the mutual satisfaction of all parties, strengthening Panguaneta’s entrepreneurial spirit every time.