Customer Care

Always by customer’s side, a turnkey solution for every need.


The heritage of Panguaneta know-how is placed at the total service of its clientele, targeting to boost their businesses with high performing products. Due to this, Panguaneta’s competitiveness is always dynamic and responsible, which explains the particular focus on technical consultations and customer assistance.


Panguaneta attentively audits every problem that arises. This enables the company to study and motivate valid product alternatives that can meet the client’s expectations. The assets taken into consideration regard the characteristic performance, dimensions and supplies, production time frames and transportation logistics.


Panguaneta plywood has become even more cost-effective due to the sophisticated industrial organisation model of its factory. By cross-checking customer requests with production potentials, the service is able to estimate the business quotes and present the client with dedicated solutions that ensure economic advantages.

Global benefits

Always by its customer’s side, also through a strong partnership, Panguaneta Services not only offers solutions but anticipates the client’s planning needs and opportunities. Cost optimisation goes to the benefit of any industrial production that aims to compete on the global markets.