Core Business

Projected towards the future, competitive, sustainable. A responsible, customer-oriented vision.

100% poplar

Panguaneta is an Italian company made in Italy deeply rooted in the land of its birth. Established in Sabbioneta (MN) in 1960, in the district of the Oglio and Po Rivers, its core business consists in transforming a prestigious raw material – poplar wood – into plywood with innovative performance features.

Boosting the customer's business

Panguaneta has built up and consolidated a proper know-how which anticipates market trends and demands. Panguaneta’s diversified product range is the result of a solid experience, a heritage the company continues to invest in, to boost the business of its customers.

A global and sustainable vision

Upon presenting the technical qualities of Italian poplars through a product that is a lead player in the global market, the company gives impetus to concrete sustainability that involves every aspect of its production cycle. The Renaissance of Sabbioneta, a city of art and the “rebirth” of a totally sustainable industry are a splendid backdrop to Panguaneta plywood.

Solid industrial exprerience

The bond with the poplar plantations is a key contribution to the creation of a controlled supply chain.

The quality of corporate organisation, numerous certifications obtained, attention paid to the production cycle and services constitute an impressive daily experience that looks to the future.